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6Valley eCommerce CMS Comes with A Complete Package
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Solution-wise Features of 6Valley

Explore the solution-wise dynamic features of 6Valley and learn how you can manage & operate your eCommerce business seamlessly.


Language Setup

In 6Valley, admin can set up multiple languages. They can select a country code and add a name to it. They can also toggle language status on/off and set a default language from the list.

Currency Setup

Admin can set a default currency for the entire system. Additionally, admin can change any existing currency status and edit or delete those so customers can easily proceed to checkout. 

Theme Setup

6Valley has multiple themes and from there, the admin can choose one that suits their business. They can change to any available theme or add a new theme to their system from the theme section.

System Addons

Admin can add new addons to the 6Valley system from the “System Addon” section. For example, they can add more payment & SMS gateways from this section with 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon.

Maintenance Mode

The admin can update or fix the system with the maintenance mode button. While this happens, regular users can't use any apps or websites, but admin and sellers can access their panels.

Business Model

Admin of 6Valley can choose what type of business they want. As 6valley supports both single and multi vendor business models, they can choose one that matches their business plans.

Temporary Close

The in-house shop will be temporarily closed when the admin clicks on the 'Temporary Close' button. This means customers can't place orders or buy anything from the shop during this time.

Digital Products

In 6Valley admin panel, admin can enable the digital products for all sellers from the admin panel if they want to sell digital items, such as licenses, software, subscriptions, etc., on their platform.

Order Settings

Admin can set the order settings from the admin panel according to their choice. These include order delivery verification, free delivery, guest checkout, refund minimum order amount, etc.

Guest Checkout

In 6Valley, customers can browse products, add those to their cart and complete the payment process without creating an account. Admin can turn on/off this feature from the admin panel.

Seller Setup

Admin can set a default commission for all sellers from the business setup section in the admin panel. They can also enable or disable seller POS, self-registration, set minimum order amount, etc.

Product Approval

Admin can set product approval for “new products” and “product-wise shipping cost”. When they are enabled, the admin will review new products and product-wise shipping charges from sellers.

Customer Settings

Several customer settings, such as wallet, loyalty point & referral earnings, can be managed by admin. They can also manage specific wallets, loyalty points and referral settings from here easily.

Proof of Delivery

To ensure the delivery confirmation, there is a proof of delivery feature. When the admin enables it, deliverymen must provide images after completing the delivery as proof of delivery.

Shipping Method

The 6Valley admin can set up shipping responsibility (in-house or seller), choose a shipping method (order-wise, category-wise and product-wise), update category-wise shipping cost, etc.

Delivery Restriction

There are some delivery restriction methods in 6Valley. Admin can choose their preferred “only delivery” location based on countries and areas within those countries using their zip codes. 

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment options, such as COD, Digital Payment, and Offline Payment are available in the 6Valley system. Admin can enable/disable any of these payment methods for checkout.

Offline Payment

Admin can enable and set offline payment methods for customers. This feature allows customers to pay and sellers to receive a payment method through external payment methods.

Social Login

Customers can use their social media accounts besides email or phone to sign in to their 6Valley user ID. These include Google, Facebook, Apple ID, etc., for better user experience.

Email & SMS Configuration

Admin can configure SMTP mail & Sendgrid mail configuration and various SMS gateways from the 6Valley admin panel. This allows the admin to send important messages and notifications. 

Legal Pages

Admin can set all the legal pages regarding rules and policies for their business. These pages include privacy, refund, return and cancellation policies along with About Us and FAQ sections.

Seller Management

Admin can add new sellers to the system and see their orders, products, transactions & reviews from the admin panel. They can also set seller-specific commission and GST & enable/disable POS.

Withdrawal Management

Admin can add different withdrawal methods for sellers. Admin can change the active status and edit/delete any method from the withdraw method list in the seller management section.

Category Setup

Admin can create multiple categories based on the products they want to sell on the platform. Admin can set the category’s priority and status, make changes & delete them if needed.

Add Products & Attributes

In the product management section of the 6Valley admin panel, the admin can add new products and specify product attributes like type & variations. They can also manage SEO from here.

Seller Products Management

Admin can approve or deny any new product add request from sellers. They can also review and filter any product updates according to store, brand, category, and subcategories.

Brand-wise product

The admin of 6Valley can effortlessly add brand-specific products to their business. Admin can also see all brands and change their status, update any brand or even delete them if needed.

Stock Limit

When products reach the level where they need to be restocked, admin can simply add quantities to those stocks. However, they can disable the active status of any limited stock products.

Generate Barcode

Admin can generate barcodes for in-house & seller products. They can add the quantity of barcodes and click on Generate to create them. They can print those barcodes and use them on products.

Product SKU

It’s a unique code that is created to specify each product. Admin can generate these SKUs and use them to identify products quickly and let users to find their exact product using these SKUs.

Product SEO

Admin can add SEO meta tags and product descriptions to make them more visible to customers. When customers share products on any social platform, they can see the product open graph from there.

Multiple Banners

Admin can add new promotional banners for products & categories while managing existing ones. Customers are redirected to the relevant product or promotion pages after clicking banners from the website & apps.

Coupon Management

In the offers & deals section, the admin can set up coupon type and title, generate coupon code, define coupon’s cost bearer, choose the eligible users, set usage limit, discount type, etc.

Various Deals

Multiple deals are available in the system, such as flash deals, deals of the day, featured deals, etc. Admin can add products to any of these deals and provide special discounts to customers.

Push Notification

The admin of 6Valley can send push notifications to the users (customers, sellers, deliverymen) for distinctive reasons and actions. They can also set up Firebase configuration from admin panel.


Admin can set up announcements that will be displayed above the header section of the user website. They can also change the banner colour, add custom text and change activity status.

Built-in POS

In the POS section, the admin can generate orders manually for online and offline selling. Select products from the product section, choose customer, add order details and place or cancel order.

Order Management

The admin can easily organize and track orders, apply filters by status and access detailed information such as ID and payment method. They also can modify order/payment status and assign deliverymen.

Refund Management

From the order management section of 6Valley admin panel, the admin can see all refund requests received. They can change any refund request’s status from the refund request details.

Order Filtration

As there will be tons of orders, the admin of 6Valley can easily filter orders based on their need. They can filter orders from the filtration menu based on order type, store, customer, and date.

Print Invoice

When an order is placed, an invoice is generated automatically from the 6Valley system. It also changes based on the order status. Admin can print or download these invoices anytime.

Delivery Location

A “show location on map” button is available on the order details page of the 6Valley admin panel. The admin can quickly see where the customers want their orders to be delivered. 

Shipping Method

Admin can choose the shipping method from any order details page, such as self-delivery or third-party delivery. They can also manually assign a deliveryman to ensure on-time delivery. 

Deliveryman Management

In the 6Vallay admin panel, the admin can manage all their deliverymen. They can add new deliverymen for their shops, see the list of all deliverymen, manage withdrawal requests, etc.

Chat with Deliveryman

The admin can communicate with each of their deliverymen from the admin panel. This feature allows admin to reach out to deliverymen instantly and instruct them or solve any delivery issues.

Deliveryman Withdrawal

From the deliveryman management section, the admin can see all withdrawal requests from all their deliverymen. They can review deliveryman’s withdrawal requests and approve or deny them.

Customer Management

In the user management section of the 6Valley admin panel, the admin can view the list of customers, including their details. They can block/unblock users and remove customers from the system.

Customer Reviews

Admin can view all reviews from the customers in the customer reviews section. They can filter reviews based on products, customers, status and date. They can also disable any customer reviews.

Wallet & Bonus

Admin can see all customers’ wallet information from the wallet section of user management. They can also filter wallet transactions, set wallet bonuses and edit, delete or change wallet status.

Loyalty Points

The admin of 6Valley can see the reports of the loyalty points that customers received over time. They can filter those data using date, type and customers to see the exact data they want.

Employee Management

The admin can add new employees by entering their name, role, phone number, picture, identity & account info. They can also check out the list of employees, edit roles or remove an employee.

Employee Role Setup

Role Setup in 6Valley includes creating role names, handling module permissions and adjusting their status. Admin can also edit or remove employees from the employee role table.


Admin gets an overview of their business from the dynamic dashboard. Here, the admin can see real-time reports for business analytics, admin wallet, earning statistics, top customers, etc.

Sales & Transaction report

Admin can see all their sales and transaction reports from the admin panel. These reports include earning reports, inhouse sales reports, seller sales reports and transaction reports.

Product & Order Report

In the 6Valley admin panel, the admin can see product and order reports. They can see statistical data and filter it based on admin & seller products and time to see any specific report.


From the message section, the admin of 6Valley can communicate with any customer in their system. It helps them instantly resolve any issue that doesn’t require creating a support ticket.

Support Ticket

Using the support ticket feature, the admin can resolve issues and queries from all system users. It is like a one-stop solution for all users for their specific problems and needs.

Social Login

Social login feature lets users sign in to the customer app using their social accounts such as Facebook as well as Gmail accounts. This feature offers a quick login process for customers. 

Guest Login & Checkout

6Valley users can use the customer app without signing in. They can place orders and complete payments without creating an account. Plus, guest users can also track their orders as a guest.

Password Recovery

If any user forgets their password, there is an option to recover their passwords from the app. By using the registered email address or login account, they can easily recover their passwords.


In the notifications area of the customer app, users get informed on order confirmation, ngoing promotions, discounts, and special offers. These notifications are sent from the admin for promotion.

Add to Cart

Customers using the 6Valley customer app can add several products to their shopping carts. They can easily adjust the quantities on the cart page according to their preferences.

Search Bar

In the 6Valley customer app, customers can find products by typing in the search bar. The app helps suggest related products as they go. Customers can also use tags to find the product.

Multiple Banners

When customers open the 6Valley customer app, the home page greets them with special deals, categories, and new items. Tapping on these banners takes them to specific pages for more details.


In the 6Valley customer app, customers can find different product categories. Using those categories, customers can easily find all similar products in one place and place order.

Multiple Deals & Coupons

Customers can find different types of deals, including featured deals, deals of the day, flash deals and discount coupons. This attracts more customers to the business and boosts sales.

Top Sellers

On the home tab of 6Valley customer app, there is a section for all the sellers with the most sales. Customers can easily find these sellers and buy their desired products.

Latest Products

Whenever new products are added, whether by the admin or sellers, you can find them in the latest products section. From here, customers can buy all the latest and trendy products.


In 6Valley customer app, customers can see their favorite brands in a separate section on the home tab. They can find all the brands and their products that are available.

Search Conversation

Customers can communicate with sellers and deliverymen from the customer app. It helps to resolve anything between them. Also, customers can search for conversations by using names.

Share Media Files

On the chat page, customers can share pictures and videos with sellers and deliverymen and receive images and videos in return. It makes communication more interactive between users

Order Details

In the order details page, customers can find all the detailed information about the orders they have placed. This info includes shipping address, billing address, shop name and much more.


Customers can add reviews from the order details page of the 6Valley customer app. They can also upload images and ratings to share genuine feedback about the purchased product.

Refund Request

If any customer feels that the order they received is wrong or has any issues with the order, they can claim a refund. It can be found on the order details page of the 6Valley customer app.


Customers can quickly reorder a previously purchased product from the order details page of the 6Valley user app without going through the whole checkout process.

Order Tracking

Customers can track their journey from order placement to receiving doorstep with an estimated delivery time. They can also track orders as a guest user from the app. Guest users can also track orders from the app.

Multiple Payment Methods

Customers can choose their preferred payment method at the checkout: COD, Wallet, Digital, or Offline. The online payment helps users access several worldwide popular payment gateways.


From the offer section of the 6Valley customer app, customers can find all the deals in one place. It’s like a one-place stop for the collection of all available offers and discounts.

Customer Wallet

Customers can see their balance and history of transactions through their 6Valley wallet. They can add funds to their wallet from external accounts & enjoy a special bonus for adding money.

Loyalty Point

Customers can earn loyalty points when they purchase products on 6Valley, which are added to their wallets. Later, they can redeem them to get exclusive discounts on future purchases.

Dark Mode

The 6Valley customer app provides options for both light and dark modes. This way, customers can select the theme that suits their preferences, ensuring the app is easy to use and read.

Profile Information

In the 6Valley customer app, customers can see and update their account information without any hassle. Additionally, the intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for customers.


Customers can save their favorite products in the wishlist in the user app. It makes future purchases easier. They can quickly access and view all wishlisted items from this section.

Multiple Delivery Addresses

Customers of 6Valley can add multiple delivery addresses on the customer app. This feature helps customers to choose the delivery locations where they frequently place an order from.

Refer & Earn

Customers can send unique codes to friends using Messenger, WhatsApp or Gmail. If someone they refer successfully places their first order, the customer receives referral points as a reward.

Multiple Languages

Customers can easily change the language settings and choose their native language for a better experience. The customer app also supports RTL languages such as Urdu, Arabic, etc.

Help & Support

Through the 6Valley customer app, customers can contact the 6Valley admin/support team. Any questions regarding technical issues can be asked directly and receive immediate response.

Legal Pages

The customer app includes all legal pages like terms & conditions, return policy, refund policy, cancelation policy, etc. Users can read these to understand business rules and regulations.

Shop Setup

When logging in to the seller panel for the first time, sellers can set up their shop and add all the information. This info includes the shop name, contact number, image, address and banner.

Temporary Close/Vacation Mode

Sellers can temporarily close their shop or go into vacation mode from the seller panel. In both cases, customers will see the shop closed and can’t place orders from the user's website or app. 

Shipping Methods

When seller-wise shipping method is enabled, sellers can choose a shipping method between order-wise, category-wise, and product-wise, update category & order-wise shipping cost, etc.


From the withdraws section of the seller panel, sellers can see all the withdraw request statuses sent to admin. They can also filter these requests based on different request statuses.

Bank Info

Sellers can view and edit their bank information from the business section of the 6Valley seller panel. This includes bank name, branch name, account number, account holder name, etc. 

Add New Product

From the seller panel, sellers can add new items and details, such as product types, pricing, SKU, and search tags. Plus, they can upload product images and manage product SEO from here.

Bulk Import

Sellers can quickly bring in lots of product data from different places. Using the provided template file and filling it out correctly, they can import those products into their stores in bulk.

Stock Limit

Sellers can set product stock limits. Once products run low in stock, sellers can easily add more products and also have the option to delete or disable the status of those limited-stock products.

Manage Product Reviews

Sellers can manage their products’ reviews and filter reviews based on product, customer, status & date from the seller panel. They can also disable any product reviews from here.

Manage Product

From the seller panel, sellers can manage the products of their shop. They can add new products, filter products from list, change status, generate barcodes, edit or delete any product.

Coupon Management

In the offer & deals section, sellers can create various coupons. They add a title, create a unique code, set usage limits, decide the discount amount & choose when the coupon expires.

Order List

The order section is neatly arranged, which helps the sellers easily locate orders according to their current status or filter them—whether they're pending, out for delivery, delivered, etc.

Order Details

The seller can check details of an order, like its ID, status, payment method and more. They can also change the order and payment status and assign deliverymen (if self-delivery is on).

Refund Management

In the order management section of the 6Valley seller panel, sellers can view all refund requests they've received. They can also update the status of any refund request directly from here.

Order Filtration

Sellers can easily sort through all orders based on their preferences. They can sort orders by order type, store, customer, or order placement date using the filter menu to find what’s needed.

Print Invoice

When a customer places an order, an invoice is automatically generated. This invoice changes based on the order's status. Sellers can print or download these invoices from the seller panel.

Delivery Location

On the order details page of the 6Valley seller panel, a "locate on map" button is available. Sellers can use this button to find out where customers want their orders delivered easily.

Shipping Method

On order details page, sellers can choose the shipping method, whether self-delivery or through a third-party service. They can manually assign a deliveryman to ensure the order is delivered on time.

Deliveryman Management

Sellers can manage their own deliveryman from the seller panel. They can add new deliverymen, set emergency contacts, and edit, delete & enable/disable a deliveryman. 

Deliveryman Withdrawal

In the section for managing deliverymen, sellers can see withdrawal requests from all their deliverymen. Sellers can review these requests and decide whether to approve or deny them.


All sellers have a centralized dashboard to get a complete view of their business, including overall statistics, seller wallet, withdrawable balance, earning statistics, top-selling products, etc.

Sales & Transaction report

From the seller panel, sellers can see Order Transaction & Expense Transaction tabs. They can see detailed information about their total sales & expenses and download or export this data.

Product & Order Report

In the product report section, sellers get a quick overview of their product stats and stock. The order report provides graphical and data-centric details about their orders and statuses.

Live Chat

The help & support section allows sellers to search for customers & deliverymen and chat with them in real time to provide support to both parties for a smoother delivery experience.

Seller Registration

Users can register themselves as sellers from the 6Valley Seller app by giving their shop details. Later, they can start their business by logging in to the panel after the admin’s approval. 

Password Recovery

Sellers can request for a password recovery from the seller app by tapping on the ‘Forgot Password’ feature on the login interface. They can recover their password afterward. 

Shop Setup

After successful login, sellers can set up their shop from the app without the help of the seller panel. Here, they can set up their shop name, number, address, upload shop image, etc.

Seller Profile

Sellers can set up their own information, such as shop owner's name, address, bank details, emergency contact, etc. Sellers can edit or delete any information at any time. 

Choose Language

Sellers can change their language preferences from the Seller app with automatic RTL adaptability in the case of relevant languages such as Arabic or Urdu.

Temporary Close/Vacation Mode

Just like the seller panel, sellers can temporarily keep their business closed by turning the ‘Vacation Mode’ or ‘Temporarily Closed’ feature on. 

Seller Wallet

From the 6Valley Seller app, sellers can see their wallet balance, transaction history, total earnings & expenses and request a withdrawal from the admin. 

Dark Mode

Sellers can enjoy the light & dark mode features in the 6Valley Seller app. This feature allows sellers to use the app according to their eye comfort. 

Product Management

Just like the seller panel, sellers can add new products, choose attributes, set quantity, discounts, and stock limit of a product from the 6Valley seller app. 

Setup Shipping

From the shipping setting section, sellers can choose their preferred shipping method to deliver products, such as order-wise, product-wise, and category-wise shipping.

Product Reviews

Sellers can see customer reviews in a list from the review section of the seller app. Sellers can also filter reviews according to customer name, date of purchase, etc. 

Built-in POS

Sellers can now generate orders manually from the 6Valley Seller app without the help of the seller panel. They can easily merge the online and offline orders with this feature. 

Coupon Management

Sellers can view the existing coupon list the admin and the seller added. They can also set up new coupons by selecting coupon type, just like the seller panel.

Legal Pages

According to Google PlayStore’s requisition, there are important legal pages for authentication of the seller app, such as the terms and conditions page, privacy policy page, and others.


Like the seller panel, the seller app has a mobile-friendly dashboard where sellers can get a quick view of business analytics, completed orders, earning statistics, top products, etc.

Limited Stocks

Sellers can get notifications whenever a product stock is about to end. This allows sellers to be updated about their product limits in real-time from the 6Valley seller app.

Order Management

Sellers can easily overview all orders from this section, such as pending, confirmed, packaging, etc. They can also filter orders, change order and payment status, and print invoices.

Order Details

From the order details section, sellers can view customers' shipping location, change their address, assign a deliveryman, etc. This allows sellers to manage everything from the app. 

Refund Management

From the refund request section, sellers can track various customer refund requests and change the request status from the refund details page, such as pending, approved, etc.

Login & Sign Up

The login feature of 6Valley Deliveryman app provides deliverymen a safe way to log in or sign up for their accounts. After that, they can access order details, chat live, receive notifications, etc.

Password Recovery

Deliverymen can request a password recovery to the admin from the login interface of the 6Valley deliveryman app. With the help of the Admin, they can retrieve their account. 


The 6Valley deliveryman app dashboard enhances all the deliverymen’s performance and efficiency by presenting order status, wallet info, and assigned deliveries to him. 

Order History

The Order History feature on the 6Valley Deliveryman app allows delivery men to view all their deliveries and allows order filtration by assigned, out for delivery, paused, etc.

Order Delivery Management

The Order Management feature on the 6Valley Deliveryman app allows delivery men to accept and prioritize deliveries. It helps them maintain order delivery management efficiently.

Active Status

Deliverymen can change their availability status from the 6Valley deliveryman app. This allows sellers and admin to find out if the deliveryman is available for delivery or not. 

Deliveryman Wallet

The Wallet & Withdraw Request feature allows delivery men to manage their earnings and request withdrawals.

Order Details

From the order details section of the 6Valley deliveryman app, deliverymen can see the order’s total payment & status, customers' live location, contact customers, etc. 

Chat with Admin & Customer

Deliverymen can chat with admin and customers for any query or assistance from the 6Valley deliveryman app. This enables a smoother delivery journey for both customers and deliverymen.

Order Filtration

The Order History feature on the 6Valley Deliveryman app allows deliverymen to view all their deliveries and allows order filtration by assigned, out for delivery, paused, etc.


Notifications in the 6valley Deliveryman app keep delivery men updated on order status, delivery schedules, and other important information. This improves communication and saves time.

Edit Profile

Deliverymen can edit their profile information and change their name, email, location, profile picture, etc from the app. They can also edit the login information such as phone number & password.

Earning Statement

The earning statement feature on the deliveryman app displays the details of the deliveryman's total earnings and payouts with a filter option, such as today’s, this week and this month.

Deliveryman Reviews

The review feature of the 6valley Deliveryman app allows deliverymen to see the feedback on the delivery experience from customers. They can also save any customer reviews to see them separately.

Emergency Contact

Deliverymen can access the emergency contact section from the app that admin added from the admin panel. In case of any urgencies during delivery, they can easily contact the admin or seller. 

Help & Support

For any technical issues, deliverymen can contact admin directly from the app via email and phone number. Both ways take deliverymen to their respective email and dialer app of their phone.

Multiple Languages

The 6Valley Deliveryman app is available in multiple languages, making it easy for deliverymen to navigate and use, regardless of their language preferences with a native experience.

Dark Mode

The Dark mode feature in the 6Valley Deliveryman app provides a visually comfortable interface and reduces eye strain. It also enhances the app's aesthetics and improves the experience.

Legal Pages

From the profile tab of the deliveryman app, deliverymen can see and read the legal pages of the business. Plus, this ensures deliverymen stay informed about any changes in the business's policies.

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