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6Valley Comes with A Complete Package

Grow your business in a 360-degree method with 6Valley’s solutions that gives you a centralized power to control your business

6Valley eCommerce CMS Comes with A Complete Package
6Valley eCommerce CMS Solution RND

Solution-wise Features of 6Valley

Explore the solution-wise dynamic features of 6Valley and learn how you can manage & operate your eCommerce business seamlessly.


Admin gets an overview of their business from the dynamic dashboard. Here, admin can see real-time reports for business analytics, admin wallet, earning statistics, top customers, etc.

POS Section

In the POS section, the admin can create bills for online and offline selling in a single solution. Select products from the product section according to categories and place or cancel order.

Order Management

Admin can search for a specific order according to date range and define their search according to in-house, seller, or POS products. And also take action for all orders and refund requests. 

Product Management

In the product management section, admin can create and manage product categories, brands, product attributes, in-house and seller products, and take action for those products easily. 

Promotion Management

Admin can manage promotional activities for their and seller’s products to increase sales. This includes promotional banners, offers and deals, push notifications, and announcements. 

Help & Support

To provide real-time help & support, the admin can contact customers via live chat and support tickets. They can also set up ticket priority from low to high and change ticket status.

Report & Analysis

From the report section, admin can get reports for sales & transactions, product reports, and order reports. Admin can also filter data according to name and year and take action.

User Management

In the user management section, all types of users are linked to the system- customers, sellers, subscribers, delivery men, and employees. Admin can control permissions for all.

Business Setup

Admin can update their business and company information from the business setup section. Here, admin can change website colors, logo, and also enable maintenance mode for necessary setup. 

Product Attributes

In the product management section, the admin can set up product attributes according to type, size, color, weight, etc., and introduce new brands, seller products, and in-house products.

Guest User

Guest user login allows customers to access the 6Valley customer app without creating an account. It simplifies the buying process, offers quick checkout, and enhances user experience.

Social Login

Social login feature lets users sign in to the customer app using their social accounts as well as Gmail accounts. This feature offers a quick login process and shortens the buying journey. 


Customers can stay in the loop with the 6Valley customer app's announcement feature! They can get instant updates on the latest sales, discounts, new products, and events.

Attractive Home

The home screen of the 6Valley customer app is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It showcases featured products, categories, shops, latest offers and promotions in a single page.

Categorized Products

The 6Valley customer app offers various categories to simplify the filtering process. Customers can easily find and purchase their desired products via different categories and attributes.

Multiple Deals

Within the 6Valley Customer app, customers can avail of various deals like discounts, free shipping, and bundle offers. This enhances the shopping interest of customers.

Seller Wise Product

The 6Valley customer app's feature to view products from specific sellers provides a personalized shopping experience that boosts customer trust and turns them into recurring buyers.

Multiple Payment

Customers get several payment options on the 6Valley Customer app, including Cash on Delivery and Digital Payment. It includes all the latest online payment gateways, such as Stripe.

Light & Dark Mode

The 6Valley customer app has thoughtfully included both light and dark modes within its interface, allowing users to choose their preferred display mode and enjoy a seamless experience.

User Profile

In the 6Valley customer app, customers can see and edit their account information without any hassle. The option to delete their account adds an extra layer of freedom for customers.

Loyalty Point

Customers can earn loyalty points when they purchase products on 6Valley, which are added to their wallets. Later, they can redeem them to get exclusive discounts on future purchases.


All sellers have a centralized dashboard to get a complete view of their business, including overall statistics, seller wallet, withdrawable balance, earning statistics, and more.

Order Management

In the order management section, sellers can manage all orders according to date range, search for orders, and take action for pending, confirmed, returned, and canceled orders, etc.

Product Management

The product management section allows sellers to add new products, set limited stock products, generate product barcodes, take necessary action, search products by name, and more.

Business Section

The business section help sellers easily change various settings, including withdraws, bank Info, and shop. During the shop setup seller can turn on the maintenance mood & vacation mood.


In the deliveryman management section, sellers can add new deliverymen, search for a specific deliveryman from the list, take action, view earning and withdrawal statements, etc.

Promotion Management

Sellers can easily add coupons from the promotion management section. There is a coupon list where the seller can enable/disable, see, edit, and delete any existing coupon effortlessly.

Live Chat

The help & support section allows sellers to search for customers & deliverymen and chat with them in real-time to provide support to both parties for a smoother delivery experience. 

Seller Profile

Like the seller panel, the 6Valley seller app allows sellers to log in to their seller accounts. A new seller can register by giving information about themselves and their shop. 


In the seller app’s menu section, sellers can add new delivery men, see the delivery man list, review withdrawal requests, and view the emergency contact list from the delivery section. 

App Dashboard

Like the seller panel, the seller app has a mobile-friendly dashboard where sellers can get a quick view of business analytics, completed orders, earning statistics, top products, etc.

Refund Request

From the refund request section, sellers can track various customer refund requests and change the request status from the refund details page, such as pending, approved, etc. 


Sellers can directly communicate with customers and delivery men from the seller app, ensuring a smoother delivery experience for both parties. They can also solve real-time issues. 

My Orders

Sellers can easily overview all orders from this section. They can also filter orders from different segments, such as pending, confirmed, packaging, returned, cancelled orders, etc.

Log In & Password

The login feature on the 6Valley Deliveryman app offers secure, personalized access to delivery and order information, live chat features and notifications for all the delivery men.


The 6Valley deliveryman app dashboard enhances all the deliverymen’s performance and efficiency by presenting order status, wallet info, and assigned deliveries to him. 


Delivery man can instantly notify the customer of his arrival through the 6Valley Deliveryman app. It ensures efficient and real-time communication with admin and customers.

Light & Dark Mode

The Dark mode feature in the 6Valley Deliveryman app provides a visually comfortable interface and reduces eye strain. It also enhances the app's aesthetics and improves the experience.


The review feature of the 6valley Deliveryman app allows delivery men to see the feedback on the delivery experience from customers. It helps improve their performance and service quality.

Order History

The Order Management feature on the 6Valley Deliveryman app allows delivery men to accept and prioritize deliveries. It helps them maintain order delivery management efficiently.

6Valley for Android & iOS

6Valley is built with Flutter, so your customers can enjoy a cross-platform app experience. Streamline your business with 6Valley with ease, which is available on both Android & iOS.

6Valley eCommerce CMS User Friendly Android & iOS App
6Valley eCommerce CMS Android & iOS App With Light & Dark Mode feature

Light & Dark Mode for Eye-Comfort

Experience eye comfort with 6Valley's light and dark mode options. Switch effortlessly between modes to reduce strain and enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.

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